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17 December 2012 @ 11:29 pm
Ships and OTPs  
Here be the list of all the parings I love (and/or dislike), so that you guys can form an idea of my tastes and what I am most liekly to write fanfiction of.

OTPs (those ones you'll never get to sink the tiny ship I built for them):
  1. HenDragon: These two imo can meet each other without problems, becomes besties, find out they're gay for each other, make sweet love, marry, kiss and have wonderful, beautiful, multitalented dragon-hamster babies and it'd be perfectly fine because they are meant to be. (Altho they don't know each other yet).
  2. Sihae: THEY'RE LOVING HUSBANDOS AND THEIRS IS THE BEST BROMANCE EVER. (Actually I am kind of fond on them because they were the first pairing I ever shipped when I first joined the k-pop fandom)
  3. HenCL: A troll on WikiDrama used to spread false info about them being an actual item, and even months after getting hunted down, and banned I still think they'd be cute together. Perhaps Troll-san was being a hardcore shipper. But we'll never know.
  4. QMi: Mi <3s Kuixian a whole lot. They are cute as fuck and make me cry everytime I see them together; Mi hearts Kuixian but Kuixian doesn't like being teased by MiMi.
  5. G-TOP: This one is like the most shipped pairing out there in the V.I.P-verse so it's not surprising, but I kinda like their relationship.
  6. SkyTempo: UTTER PERFECTION. 'nuff said.
  7. HenTOP (or ChoomHen): Bestest friends and sexy kawaii-ass mofos. Perfect couple. They'd make a sexy/cute couple.
  8. Justin Bieber / Henry: Just trust me in this one, mkay?

(Those were my OTPs, though I ship more couples, these are the ones I'll never stop loving; I can read other stuff, though. Except for those I really really cannot stand.)

DISLIKE: (Not hate, hate is a strong word, and you can only hate something if you've ever loved it so yeah, I do not hate them).
  1. HenBer
  2. EunHae/HaeHyuk (or w/e you wanna call it)
  3. HeeDragon
  4. Daragon
  5. SiChul
So now that you know what I am into and what I am not into, please proceed to my fanfic bloggus. They're kawaii.
dongghei: Póntelo en la lenguadongghei on January 9th, 2013 06:37 pm (UTC)
¡No te preocupes!, cuida tus notas y stuff.

¿Que son enemigos jurados? ¿Quiénes? ¿Siwon y Donghae? ... ¿De verdad piensan así? Da fac, man xD

Ahhh... No, aquí puedes postular directamente, incluso si estás en el último año de secundaria. Cumplo 17 el próximo mes.

Oh. ¡Sí, sí! ¡Me gustaría leerlos! Amé el de "Baby noooo", simplemente épico.

Seeh, en todos lados hay de esa gente, lol. Yo me aíslo de los fandoms en general, no sé, nunca concuerdo con la gente, lulz. En realidad, no soy buena relacionándome, así que... uh xDUu.

Luego de un rato de que entraron, salieron dos y no volvieron a regresar. No recuerdo cuántas eran, pero dos se fueron XD.

Tiempo al tiempo, ¿no? 8D
Ajaxaronkwak on January 13th, 2013 06:15 am (UTC)
Ok! (OTL sorry de nuevo D:)

Dicen que son enemigos jurados Hyuk y Won por Hae. OTL. También que Won le quiere robar Hae a Hyuk (ikr wtf lol)

Tengo 14. OTL. Cumplo 15 en mayo. Termino secundaria y me voy para el bachillerato en verano. :3

The sugiero que comiences con éste, se llama daydreamers dream of Jane Austen y es el HenDragon más épico de todos.

Tiene una secuela llamada Looking Forward to Looking Back.


te haranán llorar por los feels ;_____;

(sigue riendo por lo de las tipas voluptuosas)
donggheidongghei on February 11th, 2013 06:48 pm (UTC)
Ah, rayos y centellas, disculpa por desaparecer. No tengo excusas, soy una desgraciada OTL.

Más como que en Super Junior se comparten todos, lol. Pero, en serio, da fac con ellas.

¡Termina bien, y aprovecha, tu secundaria! ;A ;. Yo he terminado y no sé nada, lololol /se tira del balcón.

¡Los leeré! Gracias por pasarlos <3.