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17 December 2012 @ 11:29 pm
Ships and OTPs  
Here be the list of all the parings I love (and/or dislike), so that you guys can form an idea of my tastes and what I am most liekly to write fanfiction of.

OTPs (those ones you'll never get to sink the tiny ship I built for them):
  1. HenDragon: These two imo can meet each other without problems, becomes besties, find out they're gay for each other, make sweet love, marry, kiss and have wonderful, beautiful, multitalented dragon-hamster babies and it'd be perfectly fine because they are meant to be. (Altho they don't know each other yet).
  2. Sihae: THEY'RE LOVING HUSBANDOS AND THEIRS IS THE BEST BROMANCE EVER. (Actually I am kind of fond on them because they were the first pairing I ever shipped when I first joined the k-pop fandom)
  3. HenCL: A troll on WikiDrama used to spread false info about them being an actual item, and even months after getting hunted down, and banned I still think they'd be cute together. Perhaps Troll-san was being a hardcore shipper. But we'll never know.
  4. QMi: Mi <3s Kuixian a whole lot. They are cute as fuck and make me cry everytime I see them together; Mi hearts Kuixian but Kuixian doesn't like being teased by MiMi.
  5. G-TOP: This one is like the most shipped pairing out there in the V.I.P-verse so it's not surprising, but I kinda like their relationship.
  6. SkyTempo: UTTER PERFECTION. 'nuff said.
  7. HenTOP (or ChoomHen): Bestest friends and sexy kawaii-ass mofos. Perfect couple. They'd make a sexy/cute couple.
  8. Justin Bieber / Henry: Just trust me in this one, mkay?

(Those were my OTPs, though I ship more couples, these are the ones I'll never stop loving; I can read other stuff, though. Except for those I really really cannot stand.)

DISLIKE: (Not hate, hate is a strong word, and you can only hate something if you've ever loved it so yeah, I do not hate them).
  1. HenBer
  2. EunHae/HaeHyuk (or w/e you wanna call it)
  3. HeeDragon
  4. Daragon
  5. SiChul
So now that you know what I am into and what I am not into, please proceed to my fanfic bloggus. They're kawaii.
donggheidongghei on February 11th, 2013 06:48 pm (UTC)
Ah, rayos y centellas, disculpa por desaparecer. No tengo excusas, soy una desgraciada OTL.

Más como que en Super Junior se comparten todos, lol. Pero, en serio, da fac con ellas.

¡Termina bien, y aprovecha, tu secundaria! ;A ;. Yo he terminado y no sé nada, lololol /se tira del balcón.

¡Los leeré! Gracias por pasarlos <3.