This is the story about a Boyfriend that died.

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Hello. It seems you've stumbled upon this stupid journal, Chances are you got into this because of k-pop since it's basically what I spazz and write over 24/7. Haha.
I like music and writing and doodling, but mostly lurking and sleeping; I ship crack pairings and I have a lot of ships and OTPs.
I like reading and derping with photoshop, also I enjoy manga and animu.
Okay, the list is quite long so I'll copy-paste it from my tumblr blog:
I really like Classic music, k-pop, rock in any language and visual-kei and symphonic metal. I first started with Super Junior M, and my no.1 bias has always been Henry! And, although I do not like the main SJ a lot, I appreciate the boys. I also love NU’EST, CHAos, BIGBANG, 2NE1, LED Apple, f(x), SHINee, SNSD, se7en, Supernova, X-5, ZE:A, Wonder Girls and 4minute. Sound Horizon is my favourite Fantasy Band. For Visual Kei I’d go for Versailles and X-JAPAN and The Gazette. I also enjoy C-pop, being Han Geng, Elva Hsiao, S.P.Y and Roomie my fav ones. I currently am watching ITV Whitechapel, Sherlock, Ocassionally Doctor Who, and Adventure Time too.
What you're most likely to find here
This is a rant and fandom journal. Please don't expect anything serious besids that. Lol. If you wanna fangirl/fanboy/spazz over a certain bias we both share please don't hesitate in talking to me! I usually friend back those who add me, but I rarely am the one who friends you first. I am sorry
Where I also am. ((Not necessarily active though.))
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